Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What I'm doing and why I'm doing it....

Mark's 2013/14 challenge for The George Oliver Foundation
12 on 12 in 12

Having had a welcome year off from challenges last year (as Em with Tom and Gem bravely took up the mantle), I am (literally) back in the saddle this year to raise funds for The George Oliver Foundation. If you do not know what The George Oliver Foundation is - please go to our website www.georgesfoundation.org where you can find out all about George and what we are doing to help support young people both in the UK and abroad. We are backing some more great charities this way in the memory of our son.
My fundraising idea this year is a charity bike ride from my house to Brighton. It is a classic cycling challenge, the London to Brighton with the famed climb of Ditchling Beacon just before collapsing into the sea.
What's that I hear? Not enough? You want MORE?
OK, I will do the ride once a month for a year. Twelve times - April to March, through the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.
Still not enough? Sheesh - tough crowd.
OK, I will ride from my house to the seafront in Brighton every month for a year, each time on a different bike. The current list of proposed bikes of which I will choose 12 is the following:
Boris Bike
Folding Bike
Cross Bike
Mountain Bike
Penny Farthing
Fixed Gear
Mini Velo
Town Bike
Time Trial Bike
Classic Bike

Here are a selection of the bikes for your viewing pleasure!

But if you have any particular bike that you'd like to see me ride (a chopper? a rickshaw?) let me know and we can see if we can source it.

Whilst some of these bikes are going to be easier (racer) than others (penny farthing), I would also like to extend an invitation out to you, my friends and supporters of the George Oliver Foundation - do you want to ride with me? Or even ahead of me given the bikes I am going to be riding? Would you like to do a charity ride to Brighton?

If so, please let me know. I am going to be riding once a month for a year - so you have 12 opportunities to join me. I know a really nice little route - my speeds will vary dramatically  depending on what bike I'm on, so I'm sure I will have one that will suit you. Please - come and join me! And if the ride down to Brighton isn't enough, I'm planning to do a couple of "there and backs" which will be even more of a challenge!

Obviously - this endeavour is being undertaken for The George Oliver Foundation - if you would like to sponsor me, my justgiving page is here: JUSTGIVING or if you would like to donate in another way - please check out the charity's webpage - DONATIONS

Also, I will blog about my experiences on this site: Hopefully it will be a combination of some good video, photos, maps, info about the different type of bikes and gps tracking of my rides and you will find it interesting!

Thank you very much.